Wednesday, March 24, 2010

*Scam* Power Root Winning RM10,000,00 SMS


I received this Bahasa Malaysia SMS:

“Tahniah” Simcard Anda B’Jaya menangi RM10,000,00 dr: “POWER ROOT” Nampak di TV3 s’mlm pkl23:30 No.PIN AD2547 Sila hub.Office 019-851-0123 “ORIGINAL”

Translation to ENGLISH

“Congratulation” Your Simcard have WON RM10,000,00 from “POWER ROOT” At or I Saw at TV3 yesterday at 23.30 No.PIN AD2547  Please call our Hub Office at 019-851-0123 “ORIGINAL”


At first When I receive this SMS I thought I would gonna be a millionaire. But i keep thinking and thinking. It make me think that money would not just drop from the sky. One weird thing too how the FU*K they know that my SIMCARD Won,without knowing the number, they think there are superman or sperman thinking that I will fall for that.


So anybody get this SMS please do not believe or trust it. It is a *SCAM* if it is not a SCAM call them up and call them sent the money in front of a police station so that we will know it is real or not if you are curious maybe it is real.

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Daphne Le Lyra said...

jimmy.u try to check where's the num came from..mayb u really won

Jimmy T said...

Daphne@ Maybe I call them then say that actually the phone owner is you so i forward the message it to you =]

So it is through you give me half!

Vin Tsen Gan said...

LOL, maybe they'll give you hell bank notes XD

Jimmy T said...

Vin@ lol They give me I donate them Back!

Anonymous said...

I also got the same SMS with the same PIN code. It's a SCAM!

Anonymous said...


I also got the same SMS this morning, but its office number is different 006285242678357 and the number it came from is also not from regular phone number which is +6285229216157.

And as usual, when I get confused I will ask uncle Goo (i.e: Google) and he sent me over here. Thank you for sharing.

Since the PIN number is the same, AD2547, I don't have to call the number to confirm it is a fake.

- Rizal, Kampar

hutheyfa said...

i received three sms about this things one from power root and the other from coca cola company so i checked this in net from uncle goo as the friend said and i found that all scam but one sms said i won avanza car

sachin said...

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Anonymous said...

Received similar sms yesterday - but won only RM20K (must be due to inflation!!! Sigh).
From 0128153258. Asked to contact 0128159122.
Check online - thanks for the heads-up.

HLL said said...

received an sms from +60145536115 and asked to call 012 8216 491. won 20K. Never joined any Power Root Contest.just a scam.given a pass ward 9R 247 YK.

29 March 2012 9 am

Anonymous said...

yup, im sure is scam....
just received the sms, won 20k from power root .. i google. the number is same as previous comment .
to call 012-8159122 , No siri 9R 247 YK... sharing is caring,, never fall to this kind of syndicate . SCAMMER ....