Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kendra Wilkinson Surprise His Husband With SEX


The Playboy model say that on Valentine Day Her Husband surprise her with 10 dozen of roses and she surprise him With SEX at the Hotel. When they have a chance they would try their best to have SEX as much as possible because sooner or later they would not have the energy and friskiness to do it anymore.


Kendra said that she would take the opportunities as much as possible when the baby in sleep and have SEX. She said it is good to be young parents because they have more energy to do it. She still can experience a lot more because she is only 24 years old. Both of them was celebrating Valentine Day at Las Vegas.

You get a wife that wanted SEX so much you will surely will not get bored of her. But maybe in the future she are not capable anymore you will feel bored of her haha!

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