Sunday, March 7, 2010

When you are Drunk! You should becareful who are you Kissing!

You will never know that you are kissing is a shemale or transsexual


He was Thinking! Aaaahhhh In a Club I get to kiss a female it is my dream come true.


Yeah! I get to touched her butt too, she never slap me like the other girl i try at.


Excuse me! My Friend sorry for disturbing of your passionate kiss!


There is a GOOD NEWS and BAD NEWS for you!


You get to learn your first passionate kiss to someone


You are kissing a guy man! Wake up Dude not only you make arse of yourself but this picture will make you famous.


Yeewwwzzz! Oh my God I thought my time is up to have a chance to kiss a girl! But instead i am kissing a GUY! 1ij1wl


Oh my GOD! Oh my GOD look at her face! I mean HIS FACE!

So be extra careful when you get drunk! You will never know someone pour or put something into your cup to get you get high and unconscious. Ya it mean like on top but it can happen even worse. Now not it can happen to girls but guys too because the transsexual wanted to poke male butt hole.

  nongpoy6 Nong-Poy-500-2 post-4752-1186111446 1_694919499l 0

If you dont know who is in the picture she is Nong Poy from Thailand a Transsexual!

If you meet her at CLub you surely will not notice that thig guy is a girl! Surely you will think you have a night of your LIFE!

13 Lovely Comment:

Nikel Khor said...

some guy are pretty den real gal lor..wakakak

from Nikel Khor

Jimmy T said...

Nikel@ Ya Agree SHemale or Transsexual sometimes are even hotter than real girls for example like Nong Poy!

Finding Real Girl also very hard they expectation sometimes are very high!That is Life =] But better I please myself first than only think but other stuff

Alpha Ace said...

i love NOng Poy ^^

she was my favorite lehhh~

Jimmy T said...

Alpha@ I am wishing she is a Ori Female than she is PERFECT! But Male yeewwwz Puke!

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

The hell! So obscene! Haha!

erwinator said...

that is funny. hope that won;t happen to me. hahaha!

Jimmy T said...

erwinator@ So dont always go to Club! Go Shopping Complex Better!

Elaine New said...

hahaha! poor guy!

Jan said...


That's super funny! He deserves it.
Someone tell his grand kids in future!

Tony Wan said...


HenRy LeE ® said...

nong poy is the most perfect transexual ever! :D

Jimmy T said...

Jan@ Haha dont' drank and kiss!

Henry Lee@ Wish Nong Poy is my GF but also ori GIrl lah!

kisahremaja said...

gosh.... she is so beautiful.....