Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Weird Pets in Africa

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Look the pet in Africa Weird and Scary on the same time. There are not using puppy dog or little kitty but big and strong animal. They are not scared the animal will kill them but at least they cover the mouth of the animal.

Was looking around to see is there any Tiger Pet but maybe there are only in the ZOO in the moment. But among all the Monkey is the most interesting one. Can jump up and down and break your stuff this and that. Maybe other country should start taking wild animal as their pet maybe cheetah can chase thief so fast even you will not notice it

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6 Lovely Comment:

Princess Jennifer said...

I pity those leopard/cheetah
As you see they are being bound (mouth) and most probably being beaten at all time (sticks on their 'owner's hand')

Hate them
ANimal Right!!

Kill them leopard!

Jimmy T said...

@ Princess They are BAD! Maybe they should crawl in the floor and let people beat them instead next time

Daphne Le Lyra said...

wierd tis they go put monkey,tiger and so on as their pets..if in my state here being do like that..sure will be nonstop raining..huhu...
regard to ur comment in my blog>>

wah..i tot u older than me oo..still long way to go oo for u..slowly la u check my blog ah..mayb u will find sum cute gal here who is my friends..hehe..i wish u will have cute gf too...dun look for beautiful 1..no makeup,u'll end in disaster..lol!

Jimmy T said...

Daphne@ They should treat them like normal human being not SLAVE!

Alpha Ace said...

hehehe .. . ^___^

those are not monkeys but Baboons

..and those are not leopards but Hyenas(kinda wild dogs rather than wild catz)

Jimmy T said...

ALpha@ Quite Weird Sometimes have that type of Pet!