Sunday, March 28, 2010

Different Between Ferrari and Kia Model!

Here is the Model for Ferrari!

kia_ferarri_1_thumb kia_ferarri_2_thumb kia_ferarri_3_thumb

And Then For KIA it look BIG and Fatness lol!

kia_ferarri_4_thumb kia_ferarri_5_thumb

But lucky there are not that heavy if not the 4 tires of the truck would flew out straight away. But i am not really sure the truck is made by KIA. But it look funny between hot model and fat model. Not looking at fat women but just  found this picture sent by my friend.

But for me I would buy the truck because more tougher than the ferrari. i think the Fat and the Sexy should change places and give the fat one sit the Ferrari to see if the car will break into half or not.


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