Thursday, March 25, 2010

Steve Jobs with Cheese Head become a MEAL!

Jimmyteh90 (2)

Do you want to try to make Steve Jobs Head for Dinner? Now you can!


Buy 2 block of Cheese! That are BIG enough to crave Stevie Head! To start craving you need at least a sample of Steve Head not the real one. Picture or something related or blow up doll.

Jimmyteh90 Jimmyteh90

Start from the top and slowly down to his face and make sure you crave it, to it look like Steve Job not Osama Bin Laden or something.


When you are done with his face and stuff try to make a nose and attach to his flat nose! So that at least he look like a person than a block of cheese.

Jimmyteh90 (3)

After Finishing his unusual nose! You can add some pepper for his hairy stuff. Like his moustache eye brown(black)

Done with the face you can add into a food that need cheese!


This is Steve Job funny looking Char Keow Teow! It is like Steve Head is distracting the food putting it on the centre.


Then for other purpose! Put it into a spaghetti bowl or something look like in the picture! After putting it into microwave it will look like below!


Ya it will look like cheesy! But put in microwave longer for it to suck and have more cheesy feel! But remember do not put the spectacle for bake. Instead you will be eating metal than Stevie Cheese! If only you make it from Cheese

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