Sunday, March 21, 2010

Do you think Their Driving FAIL or Bad Luck!

Damn Never know that there are Driver that are Worst than Malaysian. I love the most is the one that the car are in the swimming pool. Maybe the person that are driving thought that the car can swim like a fish haha!

Can you tell me it is Bad Luck or their Driving FAIL on the process?

bad_drivers_15bad_drivers_25 bad_drivers_26 bad_drivers_27 bad_drivers_28 bad_drivers_29 bad_drivers_30 bad_drivers_31 bad_drivers_32 bad_drivers_34 bad_drivers_35 bad_drivers_3bad_drivers_36 bad_drivers_37 bad_drivers_38 bad_drivers_39  bad_drivers_4 bad_drivers_5 bad_drivers_6 bad_drivers_7 bad_drivers_8 bad_drivers_9 bad_drivers_10 bad_drivers_12 bad_drivers_19 bad_drivers_21 bad_drivers_23 bad_drivers_33 bad_drivers_1 bad_drivers_11 bad_drivers_14  bad_drivers_2 bad_drivers_20 bad_drivers_21 bad_drivers_22 bad_drivers_24 bad_drivers_29 bad_drivers_31 bad_drivers_34

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