Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Date Night

My most memorable date would be:


If I can be with someone that I love I would be more than happy. Not only that I would bring her to the place that she will not forget the experience that I have share with her.  Hope that what I have share with her, she will be happy that at least I try something then becoming a potato couch doing nothing.


At first I would have a dinner at the top of a hill and a magnificent view of the city looking downhill. After that have a cool and quiet walk on the hill and chit chat about nothing that we want to share with each other. If she feel tired or anything I would give her my shoulder for a short nap and hoping that I would not fall asleep too.


When we are sitting at the hill we are waiting for the sunset to rise and hope that it will be coming out in the right place where we are sitting. For a short one day date would be this. But if I was given more time I would surely plan more thing than have dinner or watching a sunset.


If you want to see the trailer of the movie you can view below:

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