Sunday, March 28, 2010

Do you want to know your Personality by Looking at the way you SLEEP



How-do-you-sleep-001How-do-you-sleep-005 How-do-you-sleep-006 How-do-you-sleep-009How-do-you-sleep-008How-do-you-sleep-007   How-do-you-sleep-010  How-do-you-sleep-002How-do-you-sleep-003How-do-you-sleep-004   

Not sure what they say is real but only one are positive but the other are all negative. I have a few sleeping way and some are quite true and some are not. But comparing it what they say and with me it is really are not TRUE. But maybe for some of you it can be REAL.

After seeing which sleeping style is you, please drop a comment and tell me which sleeping style is you and it is true or not just to make sure that is REAL than FAKE!

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I'm the shy pose sleep well, haha because i scare ppl see my face when i sleeping :D ahhaa but i dont think i'm shy >< i'm perasan one :s

Jimmy T said...

lol don't worry nobody would draw your face when you are sleeping. lucky i am not around haha! Perasaan Shy got lah!

Grace said...

Quite true I would say, lol.