Sunday, November 29, 2009

Will Not Be Updating for 2 DAYS


From this Week from Monday to Tuesday I will not be updating my BLOG will be busy for my final EXAMS need to concentrate full time on my study is because my assignment and mid-term exam is not really good and need more marks from the final. The cause is because i join 1 person group he do all the calculation all wrong make me need more marks from the final.

So I hope that I can pass my all my 7 subject happily and I do not want to re sit or retake any of my subject it is wasting time. My Visitor have been dropping lately because do  not have quality update and also don’t update that much. Because was concentrating most of my time revising my EXAM.

So don’t worry after my EXAM i assure you i will update more than often. On Wednesday I will update what I want to update. I have about 10 to 20 stuff i think to update. So my visitor don’t runaway I will be back more often for the December holidays. I will update all the hot stuff and will make you want more of it.


Update about my FUN will be doing on My Holidays is:

- Sunway Pyramid

- Class Party

- Maybe Genting

and so on a lot of stuff about scandal,funny,weird stuff to update. There is LOVE and there will BE HATER!

image image image

This Picture that Motivated Me to Study More and Less Time Blogging lolz

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