Sunday, November 8, 2009

My phone history Until Now!

Just wanted to share my phone that I liked last time until now. When the first phone I really wanted to buy but did not buy because the market keep popping with new phone. So I put some of the picture that at first I really wanted to buy it.
I am only Interested on Nokia phone because it is more reliable but looking now Sony Ericsson is fulfilling my demand by having all the top end feature in the phone. But don’t worry I will be a loyal Nokia user if they fulfill my demand by having a 12.1 Megapixel to release ASAP!
1) N81
My first phone that i really wanted to buy is N81 is because love the sliding design and it can play games. But the ugly side of is the camera is only 2 megapixel that is why I keep waiting for a better phone that have a 5 megapixel camera and on the same time can play game .
2) N82
 image image image
About this phone making wanted it is because i wanted a phone with a best camera. The best part is the camera have a Xenon Flash is for when you are taking picture at a dark place it will look better.
The cons part is that it:
1) The Camera using Xenon Flash it uses more battery than usual
2) Battery can’t last for very long
3) N85
image image
I love about this phone is it is quite the same as N81 but it is a dual slider. But the best part it have a 5 Megapixel Camera that is what attract me the most.
But the sad part is it is using OLED screen means it screen light or whatever call it, can last for a long period even it never closes. But I am not a rich person i surely will use a phone for about 5 years or more then only i change. The phone can last about 2 to 3 years if everyday you uses the screen light for 8 hours.
4) N95
image image
After looking at all the phone on top that have too much cons. But N95 have everything all I wanted
1) Design
2) Camera( 5 Megapixel)
3) Have GPS
But I don’t want is because the camera is quite weak so after few months heard about N97 then I attract to it.
5) N86
image image
After i know the phone it will be coming, what attract to me is the camera. Good about this phone is that:
1) Camera 8.1 Megapixel with a New Generation LED FLASH
2) Camera Stand
3) Slider phone
4) Dual Slider
About their cons side is the price is cost RM 1750 for that phone almost fainted
6) N97
image image
When the news was circulating about N97 looking at the phone was really great with a good design slider, Homepage and so on.
The Down side is:
1) Camera only 5 megapixel
2) RAM processor of the phone is about 400 worse then a phone release earlier than them
3) Camera slider scratch camera lens
4) Not as solid as other phone
5) Phone overrated
6) Stylus can scratch the phone
7) N97 Mini
image image
I don’t really know about N97 Mini is because in my country not yet been release yet.
But only they improve a bit of their phone:
1) Keyboard become more smaller and easier to more around
2) The phone is more solid with a metal back cover than a rubber type like their old model
3) Now the camera with a cover so that it can’t scratch the camera lens.
4) Screen are more sensitive
8) N900
image image
This phone the best part is can go online. Pro about this phone is:
1) Can load website fast
2) Easy to move around
3) Software look good
4) Slider phone with keyboard
5) Touchscreen
6) Whooping 600 MHZ for the Ram
7) Have 32 GB surely with 48GB MicroSD
The Cons side
1) Don’t know the price will cost in Malaysia maybe 3k or 4k
2) Camera only 5 megapixel
3) Don’t have Xenon Flash

9)  Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou)
image image
Just heard from my friend that he really wanted to buy this phone. Have been waiting for it to be releasing in Malaysia but other country have been release. Only know the Pro don’t really know cons of the phone. Wait until my friend get hold of it maybe will know about cons of the phone.
Good about this phone
1) Camera with a whooping 12.1 Megapixel first phone to release it. The best part is with Xenon Flash love it
2) Touch Screen
3) 32 GB included with 8GB
4) It is a Music Phone surely the speaker will be good
5) Screen is 3.5 inches
6) Have GPS and WLAN
10) Waiting for Nokia phone that have 12.1 Megapixel

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aez said...

nokia..i like and dunno released yet o not..its a touch screen w 5mp only..but touch screen hp sometimes the games are like so samsung omnia..makes me play game all the time haha..but if u want good camera hp, take SE is the best brand for camera phone..and im sure satio will be damn good cuz it has everything for the camera!