Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Storm Warrior Premiere

Got ticket for the Premiere of the Movie can see a lot of hottie to meet there such as

o      Chui Ling ( TV Host & Actress )

o      Carmen Soo ( Actress )

o      Belle Theng ( Ms Astro International 2009 )

o      Soo Wincci ( Ms. World Malaysia 2008/2009 )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us
o      Chen Keat Yoke ( Winner for Chinese International Singer Competition)

o      Jack & Thomas ( Ling Yu Zhong - Actors & Singers )
o      One Lik Meng ( Hip Hop Singer )
o      Gary Yap ( DJ & Singer )

o      Lam Tak Wing ( Actor, MY FM DJ )

o      Ngan Mei Yan ( TV Hostess, MY FM DJ )

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o      Nicholas ( MY FM DJ )

Also on the Premiere the Lead Actor

Aaron Kwok

Ekin Cheng

If you did not get the ticket for the premiere don’t worry troll or buaya around in the premiere can take pictures with handsome or hottest actor you see there. A lot of thing to see not only the movie but girls actor to see something you all shouldn’t miss it is premiering at MidValley.

Not only that you can see people playing with sword waving up and down left and right also can take pictures with someone don’t know who and can be print on the spot, on the spot man.

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