Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bugatti Learn Swimming

By looking at the picture I can make a few conclusion;

1) He want to try his car can swim or not but at the moment scientist is doing

2) Maybe he drive too fast and the car skid

3) Maybe he is too rich want to have attention

4) Maybe he buy the car fake one to try this stunt

5) Maybe he trying to do a flying stunt

By looking at the video on top would show or tell you the meaning why it is pain to see the car below go swimming. The car can reach 255 MPH

Bugatti Veyron slowly been towed out! I think the driver as thinking if his car can speed above 230 the car can jump on top on the water until it finish. I wonder haha


$2 million Bugatti crashes into lagoon

LA MARQUE — The owner of one of the world’s fastest production automobiles accidentally drove his fine-tuned, French-built car into a saltwater lagoon Wednesday.

The man, who police said was from Lufkin, was uninjured after escaping the partially submerged Bugatti Veyron as it came to rest in about 2 feet of saltwater.
The two-seater, with 16 cylinders and four turbo chargers, can reach speeds of more than 250 mph. New models sell for about $2 million.

The man, who refused to give his name, was looking at real estate in Galveston.
About 3 p.m. a low-flying pelican distracted him as he traveled north on Interstate 45 just south of the hurricane levee near Omega Bay.

The man jerked the wheel, dropped his cell phone, and the car’s front tire left the frontage road and entered a muddy patch, which foiled his attempt to maneuver away from the lagoon.

The Veyron’s powerful engine gurgled like an outboard motor for about 15 minutes before it died.
Police and firefighters blocked the frontage road until MCH Towing employee Gilbert Harrison carefully winched the car away from riprap and onto the soft, muddy bank.

It’s the rarest car in the world, not something you can just replace, the man said.
An Associated Press story in October mentioned a 2006 model Veyron for sale in Jonesboro, Ark., with an asking price of $1.25 million.
One of the prospective buyers was from Texas.

That Bugatti Veyron was one of only 200 made and one of only about 15 in the United States, the AP reported.

Source: galvestondailynews

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