Friday, November 20, 2009

New Toyota FT-86

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Length: 163.78 inches
Width: 69.29 inches
Height: 48.19 inches
Wheelbase: 101.18 inches
Powertrain / Drivetrain / Chassis / Suspension:
Subaru-derived 2.0L boxer (D-4S direct/port injection combo system)
Rides on a modified Subaru Impreza platform
Front strut, double wishbone rear, 225/40/19 tires all around.
4 pot brakes front and 2 pot rear.

Other Info:
- Designed by Toyota's ED2 styling studio in France.
- Concept version to make public debut at 2009 Tokyo Motor Show.
- Production model to be shown in 2010.
- Sales expected to begin in late 2011.
- The concept car's color is called "Shoujyouhi Red" - the traditional red color of a Japanese monkey's backside.
- To be manufactured at Subaru Plant @ Gunma
- Chief engineer: Tetsuya Tada

By looking at the exterior of the car, it done a very good job and a lot of hard work have put in it. The car have a angry look and it does look nice in it.

But for the car interior as you can see only a bit feature are added nothing much or special have put in it. Toyota are famous of their reliable car engine that is what all the people wanted.

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