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(Picture of Me as a Storm Warrior are BELOW do Scroll BELOW)
About the Story of The Show
Japanese evil warlord, LORD GODLESS desired to conquer China and imprisoned a large number of martial artists to make them subjugate. Among the prisoners were CLOUD and the martial arts legend NAMELESS. The trio including WIND who came to the rescue was badly wounded.

CLOUD then trains under NAMELESS while Wind chose to take the evil way to quickly boost up his martial arts skills, so that they could protect the people and save the country.

They are set to battle LORD GODLESS and his troops in Heaven Cave. During the fight, they inadvertently discovered the secret of the sovereign. What’s the real intention of LORD GODLESS’ invasion and what’s the Royal family’s secret. Can they conquer the evil force?

As you can see Storm Warrior will be releasing at December 2009 and i am eager to watch it love the fighting scene and stuff. Even my favourite actor are in it like
Aaron Kwok

Ekin Cheng

Charlene Choi

The Director of the Movie is The PANG BROTHERS (Oxide and Danny Pang) have a lot of experience making movie. Movie that he have done is Bangkok Dangerous,The Eye and Many more.

On top are the chart of relationship between with different people.

Love the effect with the sword flying around. Also very sharp haha! Below is some of the scene you can see from the movie.

Wow does look like a Tank!

Wow! He stepped the floor broke

The Girl is So Cute!

Cute Couple!

They are Looking at Me!

What are they looking at? Meteor Strike

Wow Scary Whiskle

Wow can’t even see his face!

He look like a DEVIL!

Masco to the RESCUE

What a Cute Look!

Omg Omg that I saw Osama in the Movie

Wow flying!

Maybe the Meteor Will not fall.

The Armour does look like a crocodile

Storm Warrior Clone
* Don’t laugh want you read my post.
* My Warrior look like a SWAT
* The Picture of Me taken when I just woken up
* My Equipment are a Bit Weird
Equipment that I will be using:
20112009301 copy
Power Transistor
It can use power of SOUND to push the enemy away
20112009302 copy 20112009308
It use for hitting the Explosive Ball
20112009303 copy
Unbelievable Stick
The stick can be uses for swinging around and it unbelievable fast. It can be used to hop to one destination to another. So that the Warrior don’t really need to walk. It is not a Harry Potter Broom
20112009307 copy
Extraordinary Armour
The Armour are strong that can withstand bullet,explosive, and sharp object. But it is weak against magic.
20112009304 copy
Butcher knife
It is a ordinary Knife
20112009306 copy
NightVision SPEC
It is a Night Vision Google or Glass.
Multi-Purpose Cape(RED IN COLOR)
It have more sentimental value than a traditional Cape. It can be used for wiping blood,to bath, and many more
Butt Protector
It is to protected where guy weaknesses. On the same time do not release fart when fighting

Below are Equipment How Will it Look Like and HOLD
Untitled copy Untitled-1
Front and Back Look of Storm Warrior Clone
The first picture with the white thingy is not a mask it is to protect my identity
This is the Golf Stick with Explosive Ball
The Power Transistor how will it be HOLD
The Butcher Knife
This is the Lousy Unbelievable Stick
20112009309 copy 20112009310 copy
This Kitty is My Companion when she was small and it looking at me and eager to FIGHT.

On top are my companion how she take down the enemy in STYLE.
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