Friday, November 6, 2009

Girls Kopitiam in Kuala Lumpur


Damn that why this restaurant is interesting


Even sit with the customer


Serving the customer by showing their special package!


Even play cards!


Wow that is NICE!


Everyone of them are HOT!


Wooo Smile


Not only they look beautiful they can be in the kitchen


That is interesting!


Woo the Ice Lemon Tea is surely nice!



Heard that this restaurant is located at Kuala Lumpur don’t know is true or not as you can see that Malaysia like to banned stuff this and that. It called something like Cafe Lu or 'Double Lu' at Pandan Perdana

Basically they served food like kopitiam for example Mee Goreng Hot Girls Mee Rebus, Char Keow Teow and many more. The special is that the drinks is serve by Hottie even the drinks is make by them and they will chat with us or play card that is something interesting the best part is watching football with us, if the goal score i thinking what would they do.

Don’t know is true or not, they say their salary is as high as working in the office. The owner is a women and they only hire hot girl with big bxxbs. That how they attract guys! =]

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kenwooi said...

i think not real la..
if real, then many blogs would have made a coverage for that kopitiam right? ;)

JiNg JiNg said...

yayaya, i read it somewhere also! duno is newspper or email d

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said...

who told you in KL one? lol..u can see the customers...definitely not from's in Vietnam ler..if KL got such place..KL sure got flooded d because of raining for weeks...=='hehe

Anonymous said...

IM AGREE WITH Tr@vels,3nviroment comment..that all customer look like malaysian..

Anonymous said...'s confirm not in M'sia. Looks like Philipino or vietnamese..

lionel0008 said...

Heard from somewhere that it is in California

Namu said...

I'm pretty sure it's in california man, vietnamese coffee shops, in orange county, there's dozens of em.

Anonymous said...

i bet those drinks would be expensive. hahah!!

koi said...

its not in malaysia lah for god' sake !

it's in CA, it's one of the Vietnamese's coffee shop.
owner is the one in halter-blue-top :D


Anonymous said...

nope. i have read this article in MSN before. it's in vietnam. the lady in blue is actually the owner.

reign man said...

Its all here.

Too good to be true in boleh land.

Nikel Khor said...

vri big boob lor...lll

from Nikel Khor