Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Have Sex Over 300 times even not yet an adult



You see picture of her! Damn HOT! BUT A SLUT

She is only 15 years old. Already she have sex more than 300 times smile_omg

I was thinking 1 day she did how many times. Of her age 1 year she did how many times. My brain keep popping all of this weird and funny question after watching this funny video. By the way she does look hot! But hot in another type of meaning a Slut!

Even weirder is that she keep all the weird stuff like teddy bear maybe she uses for something special. Even worst is that she don’t want to take birth control she want a baby smile_omg Even worst in school toilet also she do. She is not shy to have sex in public too what a guy women.  She do sound like a slut.

She does  look beautiful  but when i hear she speak like want to run like mad away from her. Wow first step out from stage her mouth keep cursing. When she talk like she never think first what will happen in the future only think what she want for now.

Wow she can say that she have SEX in the mall,staircase and many more place that you would not want to think about it. She say she love sex, says her mother can’t stop her no matter what.

After watching this people would think about her in other way!

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hBz said...

no need to poppin all this weird things lol..crazy one la..haiz..myb just want publisity

Hayley said...

Dirty cow

Hayley said...

I mean, that's just plain sad.

Nikel Khor said...

cant belive

from Nikel Khor