Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ninja Assassin Movie Review

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Rain(Ji Hoon Jung) Will be in this MOVIE

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This is Naomie Harris the Police that following Rain Everywhere


The movie fun to watch if you like fighting movie because from start to finish the movie is all about Ninja jumping here and there using sword and so on to fight with each other. But the storyline is quite nice and interesting but after watching this movie make me think why when the movie starting the police can’t even hit the ninja when the movie almost end wow the police can hit the ninja wherever the Ninja Jump

But the movie is quite short i think less than 1 hour and 30 minutes don’t know the exact time. The show have a bit of humor at here and there. The effect of the show such as the fire and blood look like real but the blood they can do much better. The whole story is all about the Ninja chasing against the traitor to their dojo and trying to kill him no matter where he is going.


On top is the scene when the movie almost end kill his master.


- The movie have a lot of nice effect such as fire,blood and many more

- Nice fighting style and equipment that they use

- Interesting storyline

- There is humor to laugh at


- Show time too short

- Too little actor involve only a lot of Ninja Jumping around

- Story something are weird( Swat or Police at the starting can’t kill the Ninja when at the end the police can kill all the Ninja)


Would only recommend this movie to people that love to watch fighting scene using sword and stuff because the movie is all about that.



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