Thursday, November 12, 2009

PS3 can Facebook

PS3-Update-Rumor-Shot_02-100x100 PS3-Update-Rumor-Shot_03-100x100 PS3-Update-Rumor-Shot_01-100x100

Actually Microsoft is the first one to add social networking into Xbox Live such as facebook, and twitter. But for Microsoft it still in beta or still testing.

So Sony do not want to be left out they introduce theirs too it is a leaked news will be true soon enough. To prove that PS3 is having this, in facebook they have a setting that located at User account have “ S3’s cross-media bar (XMB) main navigation interface” no idea what is that.

When Sony Was ask they do not want to comment about the leaked photo and news. But by looking at the picture screen it does look like it from PS3. But i think Sony is trying to make sure everything in place then only they wanted to make it official. Sony or PS3 trying to make a big picture to show that PS3 as all in one gaming device.


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