Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sony Vaio X,L,CW Series Really Slim


At first they say Slim i taught was the women slim and actually is the laptop slim. Back to the topic the Laptop is really slim and good. I really Need a laptop that are small and light because carrying a 10KG laptop walking everywhere is really troublesome sometimes.

That time i bring a laptop to school walk until to a restaurant and order food and drinks and sit down. While waiting checking around i found out my pendrive i left it in the computer room forgot to unplug it. Then i walk all the way back to the school to get it. Lucky i found it and walk all the way back to the restaurant damn troublesome with the laptop in my bag walking up and down make my back pain.

Back to the topic it only weight 655 grams it is like holding a paper or something. It will be launching at Sunway Piramid don’t miss the chance to see how slim is the girls laptop.


Good about this mini laptop:

1) Battery can last 16 hours (for Vaio X)

2) With 128 GB of space ( for Vaio X)

3) Price is around RM 4,000 quite pricy if you are poor ( for Vaio X)

4) Wooo lalla Window 7 (Sony Vaio L series)

5) Have 24” HD touch sensitive (Sony Vaio L series)

6) Blue film Ray that is GOOD (Sony Vaio L series)

7) Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E7500 (Sony Vaio L series)

8) 4GB RAM can be expanded to whooping 12 GB damn as fast as a rocket (Sony Vaio L series)

9) Price for Sony Vaio L series is 7K

10) Vaio CW have varieties of color to choose from

11) Nvidia GeForce GT 230M GPU can play game all night long

12) 512MB of VRAM

13) The price is at RM3,299


Wow the motherboard and stuff is really small!


Between this 3 color I would choose the black color one it is look better and slimmer


Wow the Screen is really BIG did you see it or not?

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kenwooi said...

lol.. recently you wrote how nice is a dell inspiron 13.. and now aony vaio.. =P