Friday, November 6, 2009

My Top 5 Treat List

Hmmm was thinking hard what would be my top 5 treat list I ever one. But thinking back is obvious most of the people posted would be more or less the same. So I just want to share what I really wanted for my 19 years of life that i really really wanted that I haven’t got it yet.

My Top 5 Treat List:

1) Firstly Would Love to have cars 3 different type of cars

My cars i choose can be said or divide into 3 =  Toughness, Speed ,Value for Money

# Hummer H2(Toughness)

# Nissan R35(Speed)

# Perodua Myvi(Value for Money)

I choose hummer is because this 4WD is big and high and even tough. But in Malaysia you can hardly find this car. But i really Love this car so much! This car driving in Malaysia would be more fun is because in Malaysia the driver is insane so it would be more safe driving this big CAR!


I love Nissan GT-R cars from i first i know about cars. My latest favourite would be Nissan GT-R R35. Forgot the cars fastest speed but only remember it is faster than a Mercedz SLK or something or close. What I love most about this cars is the speed, quality, and the design

Finally is Myvi is a car of Malaysia. This car is value for money and it safe more petrol than a bigger car obviously. That is why it so special to me.

Finally I would love to have this 3 type of cars! That is My Dreams hope it can come true.

2) My favourite among all is I would love to visit England Old Trafford

old-trafford.jpg Old Trafford image by Perez_Elmatador

The place that I love to visit is ENGLAND Old Trafford because I want to watch my favourite club Manchester United playing. Because most of the time watching the RED DEVILS in front of a TV screen is like watching something fake. But would love to go there once and experience myself how it is feel.  Manchester United is where the DEVILS is created and where the quality and skill player came from.

3) Next would be I would to meet Vanessa Hudgen in Person

vanessa hudgens

Just wanted to meet Vanessa hudgen in person. Have been watching her movie starting from High School Musical until now. Just love her acting and obviously i am a guy surely i would be attracted to a girl that are beautiful. Just can admire from far. But would love to have a day with her just a chit chat about her life and stuff.

4)  Next would like to go Resort World Sentosa in Singapore


 If i have a chance I would love to visit Singapore for their Resort World Sentosa. In my life I only once a theme parks and it is Genting but when there for a day and only play a small of number of activities. But i hope I can visit Resort World Sentosa for about 1 to 2 weeks to enjoy all their activities in the theme parks. But this theme parks will be done by end of this year. So I hope that I can enjoy there after my exams just to relieved all my pressure and stuff.

5)  Would be that I can get my hand on Laptop from Dell


Because I don’t have a laptop and now i am just using an old Computer that i bought at 2003. But would love to have Dell Inspiron 13 because I love the varieties of colour but I love red the most because it is my favourite colours. But i don’t really mind what laptop i get but importance that the quality and feature in the laptop is good than it can satisfy me no matter how cheap it is. But I would Love that I can win it but it will be like 0.01 Vs 100 of  chance that i can win. But if i can’t get it, it is ok. I can just use computer from my school to surf the net. But I just admire about this laptop that all the feature and design in this laptop have.

What I love about this Laptop is:

1) Choices of Colour


2) The Design and Quality of the Laptop

3) Performance

4) Display and Speakers


5) Performance

That is the 5 thing I love about this laptop from DELL. Battery is not really important can use it when I am charging it. Also the Keyboard and Touchepad is not really important at least I can use it, then it is ok.

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