Friday, November 13, 2009

Streamyx Promotion against P1Wimax

Streamyx is Malayisa biggest broadband provider but they always never give speed or services as par and always have slow speed this and that. We buy a 1MB package they would give you speed of 100KB instead saying that this is their best effort speed they give.

Now their biggest threat is P1Wimax they are starting to get more and more attention. Starting to pawn Streamyx but they are still improving and learning on the same time. So when time comes they will be way better then Streamyx. Because Streamyx don’t have competitor than they always monopolize the internet.

But now is the time they can pee in their pants anytime soon not today it will be next year.

P1Wimax Promotion calling to cut Streamyx out. P1Wimax can be use without Telephone line. That is what is different than broadband.

user posted imageuser posted image

On top is the new streamyx promotion haha saying P1Wimax is a beginner. But wait for another a few months see who is beginner. It need telephone line then only can be used.


This is some of the show girl at P1Wimax

For now can’t find any Streamyx show girl. But it will not be attracting, they only wear a Collar T-shirt and have a big number of them keep shouting like a mad person.

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Anonymous said...

all the show girls follow michael lai to p1?

Jimmy T said...

no lah just the promoter giving out flyer