Sunday, November 15, 2009

Facebook can Save Life

A 19-year-old New York City robbery suspect was exonerated thanks to his Facebook page. The Facebook page contained a status update that was posted 1 minute before the robbery occurred. The man asked his girlfriend about the location of his pancakes in the update. Facebook status can be updated from anywhere (and by anyone with access to the account) but police say the update was made by the suspect at a computer at his father's apartment. The AP says the case is thought to the first where defense lawyers have used Facebook to establish a person's innocence.

Source: bloggersblog

Wow I don’t know that facebook can save people life. This person was suspected by the police of robbing but he updated his blog 1 minutes before it happen. But some critic don’t believe that he updated it, other people in his house can update it or anybody know his email address and password could have login.

So remember to update your facebook as often as possible incase police want to catch you or anything related.

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We shall start playing more stupid apps in fb! =D