Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Both Super Car


After watching this picture don’t really know both of this 2 driver what are they thinking and doing on the same time. How do they both stuck in a same hole. Not the toll booth only for one car but both car can go through. Are they trying to race who will go through first.

Both at last both of them stuck there even worst. Is they trying to make a competition or something. Love when people do challenges. I think they trying to see who can go through first will be the winner.

Both Car Can Race                                      1+

Can get Publicity                                          1+

Trying their best                                           1+

Both Car are Branded                                  1+

Both Car stuck and Can’t go anywhere Priceless

5 Lovely Comment:

kenwooi said...

wah.. both rushing for time i think.. =P

ellenyna said...

they try to fit who's car more elastic !

ViViEnNe said...

omg...wth are they fighting for?haha...mind of i repost? too interesting..haha..

Jimmy T said...

Sure Sure you can repost

Baby said...

rushing to hell