Monday, November 9, 2009

Manchester United lose to Chelsea

Manchester United lose to Chelsea by one goal score by John Terry header. Where is that possible. Did not watch the match because have class early morning. But go to school class cancel WTF i better watch the match they surely win already.

But before I wake up I know Manchester United lose already is because in my dreams says that Chelsea score 3 goal and Manu score 1 goal means MANU loses. Something my dreams is good telling me ahead what happening.

But the sad part is like something that i can’t face it but i know what happen already. Something that make me worry but wanted to thanks GOD for giving me this kind of power to know the future feel happy.

Manchester United have been bad to worse lately is because Ronaldo have gone Manchester United hardly beat bigger team like Arsenal,Chelsea and Liverpool. But hope they can find what they are good and try to win big games than small little bity games.

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