Thursday, November 26, 2009

Robbery And Stealer DETECTED

This Gang of People work together to distract the seller by asking this and that and the other person was slowly cut off the wires and take 2 laptop away because the 2 laptop was Pocket PC if i am not mistaken

This is the same video but it is the direction towards the stealer. Can see that they keep moving up and down i think they cut off the security wires.

You can every time there is stealing there will be surely distraction so by looking at the video you can see that person try to block the person as much as possible hoping nobody see them.

Snatch thief found. You can see that the thief pass true once and saw what is happening then come second round to snatch the bag. So wherever you go better look your surrounding first then only start walking.

This is the Last Video the snatch thief try to use parang to chop that women but failed and lost his balance. Then beaten up by the people. When robber did something wrong people will surely beat them up. 

2 Lovely Comment:

Baby said...

were you there at the scene?

thanks for dropping by...

Jimmy T said...

I was at the scene in front of the computer! Was Interesting if can watch LIVE can wack him lolz