Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Feel Uneasy aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

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Just want to release my pressure that one of my subject in my study get a low marks for one of the assignment that make me need 13% for the final exam to pass my subject i am feeling quite worry on the same time because of one of the stupid idiot do the calculation wrongly should have join the other group. Damn disappoint that i join his group. Everytime see him in class act very clever everytime when time to do work he is just a piece of SHIT!. That make me piss off because making me on the final need to study hard to find 13% out of 40%

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So please PRAY hard me to get 13% to pass is because i don’t want to waste time to resit or wasting my parent money to study all over again. Like want to shout out loud to release my pressure. Damn hate that GUY! By seeing that make me feel like uneasy and feeling like want to do better. So hope me that I can pass this subject. I want to proceed i don’t want to go back what i done before.

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† ИICHOLAS † said...

all the best jimmy... god bless u :)

JiNg JiNg said...

good luck man! lol