Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ninja 2009 Movie Review

Actually wanted to watch 2012 but it is damn pack for the movie. When lining up it damn long as hell. 2012 ticket have been fully booked until at night. Every cinema 2012 is fully booked.
So our alternative we watched the movie NINJA taught the movie would be boring but it make me thing otherwise.

Below is some of the video of Behind the Scene

My Review of this Show:
For the start taught it was boring when it getting longer and longer it is getting more enjoying. The best part of the movie is the fighting scene or action scene it is really enjoying to see. The movie is not boring every part have their moment means we would not get bored on one part but it keep us enjoying from the start to end.
The fighting scene is fun and enjoying to watch, love story.
It leave Japan too fast than it moved straight to America.
I would recommend to the people that loved to watch action movie and fighting stuff. Because this movie have a lot of fighting scene most of the time.
If you don’t like fighting stuff in a movie I would not recommend you to watch the movie because start to end it is all about the fighting scene that give us the adrenaline rush.

2 Lovely Comment:

CuppyCake93 - ElaineC said...

That girl look familiar o.O
Japanese actress right?
Seen her in one of a japanese drama.

Jimmy T said...

Yup she is a Japanese! Her English quite weird when she talk lolz! But love the movie she act.