Sunday, November 15, 2009

PS3 Turns GOLD

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As we know PS3 have cut price of the product, by having a PS3 GOLD would push the price even higher than before and worst than that they are only making 5 only. So if we want to get one we would be fighting with thousand maybe million with people to get our hand on it.

The PS3 is been dipped into 24 Karat of GOLD. This would be the most expensive console ever made in history it would cost about 24K for one. Maybe this only target the rich people to buy it. Only 5 of this would have all over the world. I am guessing which 5 country would get it.

Maybe if they bought it they will put in the showroom because too expensive to play only good for viewing.

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kenwooi said...


Franch said...

Holy macaroni!

Jimmy T said...

Yup GOLD will be 5 in stock only.So faster grrap it

Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@ said... said 5 sets..but why on the picture it's the ps3 slim and ps3 phat..which version are they selling in gold? nvm..if know also no money to

Jimmy T said...

It is PS3 Slim selling 5 set only =]