Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crime is Increasing in Malaysia


Lately there is a lot of crime happening and i have heard a lot of news of house breaking this and that. Now not the Mat Rempit attacking people it is break into people house,office and so on. So guys and girls do be extra careful where are you going or walking.

You will never know the person next to you is waiting for you to get into his trap. Heard one news that 1 robber enter someone cars and take keys in the car and try to use the keys to open the door but fail. Just heard from someone that UMNO office also got been robbed only take the computers.

So the robber would have watching you for very long already. They only alive or start their robbing is normally at night so remember to get ready your gun or M16 to frightened them if they pop out in your room.

For Safety do Hire Guard Like the Picture Below:

obey-peace-guard-print.jpg MY BABY picture by strangle41_2009soldiers in camouflagebodyguard

This One surely would scared off any type of robber.

My Personal Favourite Would be this ONE! =]

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