Friday, November 13, 2009

PC Fair Babes 2/8/09

his post is taken from my Window Live because wanted to share with my blogspot fans.
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As can see on top is some of the pictures from PC Fair! Do Enjoy it =] Below have more Images.
I went to PC fair on Sunday obviously every time have PC fair surely pack with people. When to PC fair twice in during year. Surely pack with people mostly come to PC fair to look on the hot Girls =] and on the same time looking on electronic device. I am also going there to look see the girls and see what they sell =]. Mostly going there to collect paper when the show girls give us brochure about the product they are selling. Mostly people go there taking out their SLR to take all the model. As we know PC fair mostly people go there and look. Who that have been studying marketing or anything related would know they price it is unbelievable in the bad way. On top is some of the picture of the show Girl from different type of source but I didn’t take any picture because do not have a good camera. The worst thing is that got one hall pack with people and can feel the room damn hot more easier to get H1N1 I GUESS lol! Not happen once but I remember last year I went there, that the same hall feel hot.
The Girl Like the most of the all in the photo album on top is
3777893501_6aebee97f3_o 3784216325_448226e71a_o
Starting Now i will update less but I will try my best to update as much as possible because I have a lot of work to do homework, assignment, ahem thing to do a lot of thing to do but I will try to find time to update as much as possible =]
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 redgvt SamsungBabes samsung-babes SONY DSC SONY DSC sony-mp3-earphones

7 Lovely Comment:

KM said...

PC Fair or Babes Fair? hehehe......

ellenyna said...

hot chicks virus fair. ;)


haha babes fair i think haha

Simon Seow said...

OMG. I think next year I'll go to PC Fair lol. What's Tzia doing there? Working?

Prince'1 said...

is it the company sell the product or sell promoter babes?

Tony Wan said...

It's definitely PCC fair for guys to PCC!

Hong said...

at least this year old up to the par..really pretty this time..last year still remember..haihz..hehe TFS