Friday, November 27, 2009

Mona Lisa Made FROM Cups

From this Mona Lisa! To Coffee Cups That is GREAT


Got Different of flavour black,white,rainbow coffee even there are Teh Tarik to try some.

It uses about 3,604 Cups to make it, it need skill and creativity to do it. Maybe his mind is really good in planning stuff or something. It uses different quantity of liquid to make the colour. I wonder how long he take to do this. If he did wrong on one of the cup do he drink it.

Maybe Next time we should put Maria Ozawa in a Cup!


5 Lovely Comment:

ariff said...

darn. cups.. i thout it was like ... :D

mari ozawa + cups = curiosity

haha. good one

Jimmy T said...

OOO if I put Real Cups My Blog will be not be safe for minor


everyone need the leng lui ! HAHA but i want the tea ! :D HAHAA

Jimmy T said...

I wan Both! lolz

Anonymous said...

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