Thursday, April 1, 2010

Twitter Reach 10 Billion Tweets! On Early March of 2010

Around March 4 2010 Twitter have pass 10 Billion Tweets. Can you imagine how many 0 in it?

Google 10 Billion Tweet(Jimmyteh90)

At today it have already reach 11 Billion that is freaking fast! Every seconds there is surely hundred of tweets floating around. Twitter growing speed will not stop there they can’t set a zillion tweet in no time. Anyway i am using Gigatweet’s to count the number of tweets.


At November 2008 they reach their first million and the following 5 month they reach 5 billion that is freaking fast. I think the money that they receive too is the same speed as their tweets.


Do you want to know who is the  99,999,999,999 and for 10,000,000,001 tweet of the billion? Someone call timdoor is the  99,999,999,999 to tweet but the 10th billion person tweet can’t be found because their account have been protected.

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