Friday, September 24, 2010

You Want to Learn to FLIRT? Than you come the right Place


This is Harrison Fjord Guide for you all to know and how to flirt because keeping quiet sitting at the corner just looking will not make that guy/girl to love you. Sometimes a person that don’t love you because they don’t notice your inner and outer beauty of it. For them to notice it you should make the first step even you are a girl it is because if they notice something special about you they will later interested of you.

Don’t you think so? Do you believe love at first sight? yes they are but at first can you get that person? So remember when you want something chase it because it is not wrong to give a try or nothing to lose. You will lose something if you wait because that person can get a new partner or already have partner and wasting your time waiting for it and using that time to chase someone that deserve you.

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So remember if you like that person at least tell them and you have nothing to lose! Other than that you can notice their signal if they are interested of you are not because it is quite obvious sometimes but at the end it is how we react when the right time come.

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sabree hussin said...

I really thought that there is a misspell in his name.. Fjord hhe

Jimmy T said...

His name is weird but his theory is true! Haha