Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oktoberfest Sep 18 – October 4! Babes and BEER!


Look here Kim Kardashian is celebrating Oktoberfest in Munich!

Do you what is Oktoberfest other than hot babes and drinking big jar of beer? I don’t even know what it is let me dig dig something out of it. Than will explain what is all about! Babes and Babes and Babes first thing come to my mind and second would be BEER BEER BEER all day long.


Correct me if i am wrong:

Obviously it is about celebrating something and drinking a lot of beer until you are high or you don’t even know yourselves! To knock yourself out! This event take places or celebration at Germany Munich where they make BMW,Audi,Mercedes best city EVER! Oktoberfest have been here since in the 18th it is a big even that about million of million people celebrate.

Can find any specific info about it but i think it is related to celebrate BEER festival maybe they are thanking that BEER have come to our life if not we will not know how to walk like a crazy person on the road and talk bullshit after drinking too much of beer. It is not only celebrate by the local but if you are interested you can join them and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

After viewing this picture you would change your mind about beer and babes. Both of this thing fit together very well.

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See even Girls can drink a big darn cup of beer! Look at their expression it is epic!


Look here they party like there is no tomorrow! They celebrate it for weeks and from morning to night. Just look at hot babes serving beer and on the same time drink beer to make it more memorable that is why European can drink a lot of beer but still not drunk but for Asian i think a mini cup would make them drunk.

One of my friend say that a person that just drink a bit or eat a bit of alcohol that person would get drunk i mean like dizzy just a touch of alcohol and on the same time his/her face would turn a bit reddish already. Crazy but true!


Wow! Not only the girl serving beer is hot there serve beer with a few jar for me i think i can carry two cup that she is holding and it is a big cup not a small cup by that time i hand would be sore. She is carrying 7 gigantic cup i think she can carry another extra one.

But we should appreciate this kind of event because you can’t see similar type of event anywhere.


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peacemusicbabe said...

WOOTS, sexy! :D

Princess Jennifer said...

This year there (the Germans) are celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Oktoberfest. And of course beside drinking beer (which is only being served to people who has a seat in a tent) you may also explore the whole fest outside. There are roller coaster, free-fall tower, haunted house, lotsa German food and some very unique 'gingerbread' stall.
I just went there today and feel that I am very wrong when I think Oktoberfest is all about beer drinking only. It's a huge fest where whole family joins..
Oh yeah.. something to add on is Oktoberfest caused crazy jam at the 'autobarn' - highway!

Gonna blog about it soon when I back from Germany ^^
take care dude..

*nice post anyway!

Jimmy T said...

Princess@ Thanks for tips!