Friday, September 3, 2010

The Night is Still YOUNG! In the City

All the picture is at New York also known as the BIG APPLE!

nyc_las_vages_1 nyc_las_vages_2 nyc_las_vages_3 nyc_las_vages_4 nyc_las_vages_5 nyc_las_vages_6

It is also known as the town that never SLEEP! Don’t you think all the light and building in the city look so nice and interesting it is like looking at a sunset but it is at night but looking at the colorful light that is lit at night. In New York is a town that you can fly with much worry can go clubbing,shopping and etc like there is no tomorrow. Time and time again no matter how good people say we must experience first than you will know it better.

nyc_las_vages_7 nyc_las_vages_8 nyc_las_vages_9 nyc_las_vages_10 nyc_las_vages_11 nyc_las_vages_12

nyc_las_vages_13 nyc_las_vages_14 nyc_las_vages_15 nyc_las_vages_16 nyc_las_vages_17 nyc_las_vages_18  

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