Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Actress Before and After Surgery!

Dawn Yang


But i have seen her picture before the left picture was she is really really young but when he was around 20 she look quite beautiful and cute but do not know why she done plastic surgery look more like a barbie plastic than more cute. Other than that she raise to fame because of her plastic surgery and she is a Singaporean blogger.

Kim Ah Joong


So fat but after that she look HOT!

Cindy Wang

cyndi wang 

Taught she was a cutie but too bad she done plastic surgery that is why she look so adorable most of the time!

Anna Faris


Hmmmmmmm! No idea

Hilary Duff


Taught Hilary Duff was goodie two shoe but she done a nose job! She look so different after leaving Disney MOOVVIEES!

Victoria Beckam


So obvious haha! Before that was as flat as my shoe palm and after that it is growing forest and so roundish!



But i think Rihanna before look nicer than the new one! The before look more mature and hotter but the after look younger and good girl gone bad! But we should pity her what have happen to her.

Britney Spears


When she raise her fame when she is young people taught her was innocent and this and that but years down the road for more challenge she change her look to follow the trend. You can notice her bxxbs look bigger. I think she still look hot no matter what!

Heidi Montag


DAMN DAMN DAMN! For Fame she try whatever way to be famous. But to tell you the truth she does look more hot and beautiful and look more naughty than normally!

Paris Hilton


No Comment! You know what she is really are already!

Pamela Anderson


Look hot right she complain about back pain because of her bxxbs! And she want to reduce her size!

Tara Reid


From Small to BIGGGG! But sadly from her surgery she look ugly and did not see her acting anymore but after that she done another surgery to look even better. That is why Surgery have consequences no matter how experience is the doctor are.

Ashley Tisdale


Nowadays Plastic Surgery is normal for everybody for them to look more hot and beautiful they will change their face side way or etc and the most famous among all would be Botox something for squeezing your skin! Haha

Some of the celebrities plastic surgery are so obvious that you know that they surely done it but some of them people hardly notice it. But the famous plastic surgery in the world i think would be Korea it is because most of their celebrities to create a name for themselves they try whatever way they can to look special and beautiful.

Ya they look beautiful and this and that but do they think for the long term or the future what is the consequences what will happen. Not want to point finger whatsoever as you can see the result like Michael Jackson. Plastic Surgery is for short term and for the long run it can effect your health whatsoever. 


But you can’t runaway from fact that most of the girls after surgery look gorgeous. The one i like the most would be the Korean Girls they look gorgeous mostly from the movie or music video. It is Irresistible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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