Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Women Can do it but Guys Couldn’t

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That is why Girls always have advantage to guys. If a girls is pretty everyone will chase them. For guys if they do not have money and really really handsome for him to get a hot partner is very slim like one zillion against one. The world have change for good last time this and that people say there is true love.

But nowadays no such word as true love in their dictionary only first sight of money than the first sight of love. If a guy how ugly is he and rich as hell he can get whatever girl he want. Have seen it many times the one i know is the one that drive PORSCHE in one of the condominium in KL that i know. True love there is no such thing in life anymore and true friendship is harder to find too in this kind of situation nowadays.

The world now is different you can see many kind of people that you will not expect and nowadays money is everything like people said no money no talk so if you don’t have any money than just shut up. Sometimes people are richer than you are more humble but poorer people like to show off it is because they do not have that thing and rich people already living the dreams.

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Diana said...

Totally agree, but there are more women than men in this world so women must use this to keep one by our side sad but we have to manipulate men if we don´t they´ll do everything they want and that´s not fair too

Jimmy T said...

Yup totally agree! If Girls don't do like that they can't control the guys and they think they are king of the WORLD some of them