Sunday, September 12, 2010

Apple Product Sometimes is overrated!

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If you can’t see the word it is ok. Just want to say that Apple product most of the time is overrated or overprice. Don’t you all agree people are so interested of their product it is because of their design is special and different among others but compare to other product like a normal CPU with Mac laptop it cost more cheaper to own a CPU than a Mac.

Even their phone comparing Nokia N8 vs Iphone 4 i can say that Nokia N8 is better 10 times in term of quality and user friendly if you don’t believe you can search yourself at GSMARENA! But i can say that Iphone 4 is more pricy than Nokia N8 buy 500 or something. But Nokia have more better features comparing with Nokia N8.

I am not boycotting or saying i hate Apple. But according to source say that Apple Marketing is so good it attract people every new product that they produce for example ipad and Iphone 4 sold out even nobody really see it. Maybe it is because Apple is the leading in technology and they are the leader and every company is following them like touch screen and Ipad every company is doing it.

But you all are rich than buying an APPLE is not a big deal but for us that is poor we should always find something that is cheap and good.

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