Thursday, September 16, 2010

About: FACT of Starcraft Since 1998

Do you still remember the old days of Starcraft that we always people cheat with it?

Capture Capture2 Capture3

People nowadays that is playing Dota have change to play starcraft II instead now you know how hot is this game are. They are included many new thing and have remove some of the stuff. But for Terran they are getting stronger and stronger but for Protos is just like the same and for Zerg they are like stronger too.

But for you to know better you experiment yourself first than you tell me how good is the game and how much the game have changes so much. But end of the day they are all strong it is how you play that make the big different and tactic does play a big part of it. If our tactic is good we don’t need to build so much stuff and build a certain thing and can win the game already.


If you don’t play before than just play bah! It will be the game of the year!

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