Monday, September 13, 2010

Fact: About Facebook that Changes the WORLD

Facebook have change our life. Nowadays people without facebook they will feel weird i mean by it is part of their life already and they should always stare or look on any new update and need to check 5 times per day only can sleep happily. But facebook have their good and bad sometimes the good thing is that we can share and keep in touch with people all over the world. But the bad thing would be what you post into the net make you more vulnerable and giving advantage to the person that want to do something not good to you.

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In reality that facebook have change people life so much that it gaining popularity so fast that even Myspace losses and Myspace was the big name in the market at first but facebook take over them. Nowadays Facebook is everything people can stare at facebook for the whole day to plant fruit n vegetable that is bluffing us. But lucky i have stop playing game and chit chat to reduce my addiction and concentrate more time to my study than FACEBOOKING day and night.

Because nowadays we can online through our phone and nowadays the world without internet people can’t leave without it. Last time was electricity and now it is the internet if one day there is a blackout of internet people would start to suffer this and that.

But importantly remember what you post into facebook you can’t delete it anymore and the picture have been inside everybody desktop,laptop,phone etc it is because what we post into the internet it is giving opportunities for people that is bad to do something against us. It is like Human vs Alien when we do something we should think wisely because our action make a big different same thing as facebook.

What we post we are giving more chances to STALKER n PERVERT to take advantage of it!

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sabree hussin said...

what ever we shared in the facebook, it is like we shared the ownership of the item to facebook. It will exist in their system almost forever

Jimmy T said...

Yup totally Agree!