Sunday, September 26, 2010

4 Years Old Kid get Herpes Sucking on Used Condom!

Couple Sex

As you know that when you having sex it is good to use protection from durex whatsoever. But before you do it remember that even you wear condom some disease still can be transmitted so be really careful that your partner is clean like Clorox. So remember this again anything you do there is percentage that it will fail like playing shooting game depend on luck if you can kill the person or not and skill too so if that is time for your unlucky to arrive than you will regret you have done it.

OkOk! Back to the topic about a 4- year getting herpes! Do you want to know it is because that kid have sex or transmitted through rubbing someone butt or skin? If you say outside the box than you are write if you say kid have sex or rube people butt than you fail miserably.

Babe Blowing COndom

Before i say anything remember do not suck any condom that you found at the toilet bowl,floor or whatsoever place because you will not know that you are eating sperm obviously you know that but you will not know the rubber(condom) have been rubbing what because that i just know that sex related disease can be transmitted through rubbing,eating or anything close.

Safe Sex is OK!

The story is like this:

The kid follow her grandma a trip to Atlanta with that at the time they enter a hotel and just a split second when the kid went into the toilet and the grandma was not in the toilet with her grandson. After that grandma found out that the kid was sucking on the condom or chewing it not only that he put his tongue into the condom and try to blow a balloon out of it.

Not only it is used before but there is still contain fluid(Sperm) inside. The condom contain herpes with that it is transmitted into the kid but luckily it do not contain any HIV or STDs virus inside. Do you all know what is herpes for me i don’t even know WTF is that like  hippie or hippototonus!

Herpes: A Virus that can be spread through skin contact, so next time don’t simply touch people here and there because you will not know that person have herpes or not. There is many type of virus family of herpes that i don’t even want to name it because after looking some of the picture it give me a creep with the word sore,scratch here and there and you would worry which part it infected it can be painful! Scary.

Herpes is a virus so there is no cure! I mean it take time to cure!

The kid is infected with cold sore it is also known as mouth herpes.  It grow something weird at your mouth not only that it can burst or leak out some water! Yeeewwzzzz after the infection started the kid wanted to kiss her mom but she say you can’t kiss mummy and say that mummy don’t love him anymore.


They don’t know where did the kid found the condom maybe in the hotel and maybe not. But luckily the kid just chew it and do not blow balloon out of it if not whole of his face would be herpes bubble all over his face. So in the future if you see any condom do not chew it because it will taste like chewing gum with icing on top HERPES!

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