Thursday, September 30, 2010

SMOKER: Do you want to know how your LUNG look Like?

Smoker or Smoker! Do you want to see how your lung look like and what is the consequences. For me even i am not a smoker after looking a the video it quite me a creep and how black and sticky it would be in the inside. I think some of the smoker after looking at the video would give them nightmare of smoking and how their lung would look like.

Almost piss on my pants after seeing the outcome!

For the experiment that person uses 400 stick of cigarette. So one box is 20 stick normally people take 3 days to finish 1 standard box.

So let the maths do the talking!

20 Stick ÷ 3 Days = 7 Stick per day

400 Stick ÷ 7 Stick(Per Day) = 57 Days


So for you all to smoke 400 stick will take you around 57 days it will be more if you are heavier smoker. Even worst one day per box it take 20 days to reach 400 stick. Anyway if you smoke 7 stick per day your heart tar will be like in the video as thick as that. Damn after looking at it give me a creep. Nowadays everybody smoke even the people don’t smoke is second hand smoker.

Nowadays even teenager smoke by the age of 30 to 40 their heart is more black than the tar road that you normally walk on it or drive on top of it. It is so freaking black and hazardous on the same time. Yaya smoking is fun but people just think about what is ahead of them but don’t look in the future. Because we will not know how is the future it is better to suffer first and see how is the outcome of the future.

hot_smoking_girl smoking-skin-girl

The worst part among all would be girl is smoking too but you can see more girls are smoking than guys. Girl smoking is more serious than guys because their body is not that strong as guys i am not girl discrimination whatsoever is talking about fact. Other than that if they keep smoking in the future it will not be good for their health and also the baby in their stomach.

The scarier part among all would be your girlfriend smoke but the guy is not smoking. Girls think it is a cool thing it is nothing cool about it. Smoking just make your life span shorter.

Want to know how your heart would look like just view the video!

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