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Movie Review Alpha and Omega



In Jasper National Park, the wolves, Kate and Humphrey, have known each other since puppyhood, but they are on the oppose ends of the Western Pack's social structure with Kate as the energetic Alpha daughter of the pack leader and Humphrey being the good humored Omega. That social structure forces Kate to accept an arranged marriage with Garth of the Eastern Pack to unite the packs for peace, regardless of Humphrey's hopeless attraction for her. Before that union can occur, Kate and Humphrey are captured by the park's rangers and sent to an Idaho park as part of a wolf repopulation project. Mindful of her duties, Kate is determined to return to Jasper and Humphrey offers to help with the assistance of two odd geese. However, as this disparate pair struggle through the dangers to get home, a growing mutual appreciation of their talents and then a deeper love threatens to disastrously complicate everything if they make it back.

Written by Kenneth Chisholm


I would say that this movie was one of the beset and best even i never watched the movie in 3D! In the movie there is about 60 to 70 percent is comedy in it is quite funny such as the place or park it is call Idoha and Omega reply I what ha? <<< not really sure i forget the line already. Another part would be the wolf can’t howl good enough and bird keep dropping from the sky meaning the howling is freaking bad.

Other than comedy it have some part about love that have touch my heart. Like the part when the Alpha want to married an another guy and Omega reply i would want to say good bye and would help you to say hi to the bear that attack us and etc etc. But overall it is a good movie to watch with your love one.  The sad part would be the movie is a bit too short like 88 minutes!!!!!

Feel like want to watch more of the movie!!


4 out of 5 !!! Nooootttt so boring but quite funny and interesting


Would recommend to people that love touchy movie,cartoon,comedy type of movie and this is for you. I would not recommend to people that is opposite what i have said to what i have recommend.


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This is the 3 main chracter:

Alpha(Hayden) ,Forget liao, Omega(Justin Long)

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