Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A New Type Workout That you can do ANYWHERE!

It really works but is not that effective if you know what i mean. But at least doing something than doing nothing at all. This exercise stuff below is really funny you should more or less understand even you don’t really go to a gym in your life before. Humors!!!!!


If you saw this kind of girl will you droll all over her in the gym?


If you girl saw this kind of hot guy would you droll too? But surely will not get a slap but will be welcome by the guy!Haha

alternative_gym_workout_640_08 alternative_gym_workout_640_09 alternative_gym_workout_PmZ46_640_04 alternative_gym_workout_WTe4f_640_05 alternative_gym_workout_61u3X_640_06 alternative_gym_workout_640_07

Do you people all notice some people go to gym is for other purpose? Most of the time there go there to see hot girls or hot guys exercising and not only that keep staring non stop if see one time ok lah! But keep seeing and seeing sooner or later it will become a pervert. Not only that they bring their friend together with them and stare cock here and there.

But it is good to bring a friend a long so that they can help you and push your limit so that what you do at least it is the best than say here pain and there and do not want to do this and that. Between all this i love the most would be “TOTAL BABE LOOK AROUND” not only it hurt our heart but with a nice slap on the cheek make the pervert guys out there to wake up!Haha

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