Saturday, September 4, 2010

When You Know the TRUTH Color of Someone!

*I try to use “That Person” than he or she to create less suspicions

* Warning post contain BAD WORD!


I just want to say about someone that i know! I have keep it in my heart for so long i think is not my heart it is my BRAIN! I just want to say that person is a freaking bastard and idiot on the same time. It is because i have known this person for not so long and slowly slowly i start to know what that person is really are.

This person i hate really much is that when that person play with you can but when you play with that person that person turn to an idiot. Other than that when that person call me only need something if not act like have never seen me before in my life. It is ok with that but always act very good in front of people but at the back say all the bad thing about the person.


WTF you need to do like that if you don’t like someone just say direct at my face or other people no need to act like a ladybird and kissing people backside. That is what call COWARD! Other than that, the person will always try to please the person but at last disappoint the person. If that person interested with the person that person will make the promise if that person hate it just using the mouth to please people but at the end nothing happen.

This always keep on my mind is that if you are so good with that don’t ever come and find me if you think you are special than fuck yourself and do everything yourself if not just shut the fuck up. Don’t always act friendly in front of everybody at the end it is a different story. A lot of people do not know about you and watch your back you will not know what next will happen to you.


You can be arrogant,act like an show off or an idiot try not to do at the wrong person and you will not know next you will be DEAD or Coffin. You can say that i can’t judge it is me you think i care? If you want to play the GAMES let play you think you are very good just watch your back. You act very good but one day you will know who is your close friend and who is not.

And also the person that you have hurt and you will regret forever. I will not act like you hate a person but in front act like  “BEST FRIEND” but for me i will not act like this and i will tell you straight or you can see from my movement and expression. I will not hide like a CHICKEN if you want to hide like a CHICKEN than it is you not me.

I have many people around i don’t really need a piece of shit like you. If you are so great than i want to see how far you can go. If you fall than i will laugh my ass off. If you go through than i will give you a soft clap and GOD have eye and GOD is not blind so becareful whatever you are doing it is because for now you are enjoying but next it will be other way around.


But at the END of the DAY i will try my best to avoid you and keep a distance it is because you don’t deserve me and it is wasting my time i am with you. For you is FUN playing games but for me it is a different story. You can hurt your FRIENDS but you don’t dare to hurt someone that you don’t know it is call what a freaking idiot bastard taking advantage of people.

Ya you can say that why do i need you too! You think i care? Nooooooooo F YOU! I don’t need to act childish i will keep my reputation in tech and try my best to follow my GOAL than with someone that can downgrade my standard. You are good with your mouth so what do you think your BRAIN is good enough.


*I not a smoker i mean buy i will Stop my RELATIONSHIP for that person for GOOD!

If you know it is you after reading my post! You think i care? if you don’t like it than just leave with it if not come to my face and say it. I have waste my life helping you so much but at the end you show me this you can forget about our friendship it have went in the the DRAIN and it will not be repair or fix again because my decision is FINAL.

WHen i have given you a chance but you use me many times and i am ok with it and you have cross the line and my limit so GOOD LUCK whatever you are doing and take care and i hoping you can find someone better than me that all i can say it is your life and it is not mine. I keep thinking and thinking that other people deserve me more than you at least other people appreciate me. You think you are king of the world than be king if not you can F yourself.


Lucky i have notice it earlier but before that i have known for very long but after thinking and thinking about it i have chance for better thing to do than looking at an idiot face. At least now i know who is my true friend and faking friend it is good to know than do not know at all. Start from this minute on i will stop everything related to you it is because you are a freaking retard in your own way.

You think you can take advantage of me think again i am not STUPID i have a brain too so use your brain and F yourself. Just wait slowly and slowly everything will be reveal and it is about how long does it take for people to notice it.


You can say like I Care i Don’t Even care it is your lose not my lose at the end of the day! I don’t want to be the next victim that you have done! If i keep typing it will start to make my blog more dirty and wasting my time and energy to type about an idiot. You have notice it and i have notice it too! So you know now and now you can keep a distance with me too.

I am not like you when you know someone else you just throw them a side. I am not like this if i known you i will make you as my close friend but with that don’t simply take advantage of the people. People have a feeling and don’t just simply do people like that and i hate this kind of people so much that I wish i have a GUN just to kill that person.

But starting from today you Lead your LIFE I LEAD MY LIFE! It will not be related to me whatsoever i am tired of this and i have put a full stop here and it will not happen ever again.

Long Freaking ESSAY?Haha just want to release what is kept inside and let it free and forget about thing that is useless to me! I am tired of it!

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LadyV said...

Urm..chill..u sound like on fire! LOL..Life still go try to be happy every single day despite there's unhappy thing..=)

Jimmy T said...

yup thinking about it make me feel ANGRY! But no matter what i will move on and forget about people that is useless to me

Adriel D.K said...

woh.. you must be damn pissed off lol

Jimmy T said...

Adriel@ Can say so but when i think about it make me piss but it is ok now i draw a full stop anything related to that idiotic bastard!