Friday, September 10, 2010

The Future of ANTI-THEFT Vehicle

It is a good thing to have a new car every 5 years i think so that your car system is update and for theft to steal your car will be reduce because everytime a new car is release the car security is been updated and new design to reduce accident and many more.

It can be said as fool proof for THIEF! Haha


Capture2 Capture3 Capture4

But with high end security and stuff will make the car to be stolen very hard with all the high tech stuff they do not have much time to run anywhere and no matter where they ran it can be detected by GPS it is matter about how long does the police find the car. That is why we should always change car so that theft is chasing technology not with the par or better than technology in the vehicle nowadays.

But everything is electronic and computerized for people that is good in that kind of stuff they can hack a car or steal more easier than a car that do not have any high tech electronics devices install into the car.

It is not a surprise older car like from 1988 to 1997 car are on the top of the list for the most stolen car in the U.S! But was surprise that Toyota Corolla 2007 and Dodge Ram Pickup 2004 was on the list too maybe it is a defect by the designer. 

But i would want to say no matter how good security in your car if a pro want to steal your car even you pay million dollar for it a theft to steal it is easy it is about they want to steal or not your car. I heard from my friend that people use the most expensive security for their car but end of the day the car was stolen too. 

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