Friday, September 17, 2010

Type your Facebook Password and Star Will POP OUT! COOL

If who believe this is nuts haha! That is why in Facebook we can’t trust anybody even your friend it is because we will not know it is really them is typing or not because people can hack into their account and chat with us. Did you encounter many times that people send a link from facebook chat but when you ask your friend they will say that they did not sent it.

There is only 3 THING!

1. Your Friend is BLUFING YOU


3. Someone hacked your friend account


Everytime i see it i will laugh! At first we will know obviously it is impossible if you don’t know than it is ok. Did your parent tell you do not simply share private and confidential stuff to people that you don’t know and keep it to yourself than telling to everybody. The BIGGEST LOL will be his password it is “isecretlylove50cent” it is fake or not but it is still a BIG “LOL”

So don’t fall for this trap! Nowadays facebook is getting dangerous by the day because there is a lot bad people out there that you don’t know that keep adding you. So becareful who you accept you will never know what are they monitoring or looking at. I read the news today that a girl have been killed because a guy act as a teenager and try to meet her up and the end she have been killed because facebook privacy is not safe.

So be really really careful people especially girls and guys too!

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