Thursday, September 2, 2010

Most of the Cheerleader is Gorgeous!

Don’t you think mostly cheerleader people are attractive and show off? Mostly heard and learn from the mOVIE!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20-6 preseason victory over the Cincinnati Bengals on Monday, August 16, 2004 at Raymond James Stadium. Carolina-s-good-side-nfl-cheerleaders-802924_373_600 African-American-cheerleader-nfl-cheerleaders-802868_482_680 09000d5d8143fb9d_gallery_600

Cheerleader is a good way to be famous but sadly in Malaysia it is not a famous activities and most of the same they do not have Cheerleader to entertain us or give the oomph during the GAMES. Mostly seeing flat chest people or costume running around the field.

Cheerleader is another sport that people come and pay to watch. I mean Rugby people come and see and the icing of the cake would be the Cheerleader that keep cheering us on and most of people can’t get their eye away from them. Not only they wear super miniskirt but with super big cleavage for all the guys watching the game to drooling their saliva all out.

09000d5d8129e401_gallery_600 09000d5d814f116c_gallery_600 a-Dallas-Cowboys-cheerleader-nfl-cheerleaders-815318_323_480Red-hot-Cheerleader-nfl-cheerleaders-770313_288_432

But cheerleading sometimes is way dangerous than what you expected. Got people died from it that i heard from National Geographic or channel 1 or 2 away from it. The story is like this the girl was doing rehearsal and with that she drop from a high distance chest to the ground with that she pass away.

With that some expert suggest wearing a safety chest something so that when their bxxbs or chest hit their floor it will not hurt them so badly. But most of the time cheerleader girls are cute or beautiful only two type. Maybe it is because if they don’t look attractive people will not dare to look at them even once. And on the same time making the experience from BAD to WORSE!

Minnesota-Vikings-Cheerleaders-nfl-cheerleaders-802857_580_680cheerleaders77cheerleaders81 Cowboys-Cowgirls-nfl-cheerleaders-5276128-571-800

That is why so many guys is watch RUGBY in the US! In Malaysia our favourite sport that we would watch will be surely football,badminton that is all i know. Most of the sport that have do not have anything related to girls wearing mini skirt,low cut running around the field mostly is guys game or seeing girls playing that is the only different between games in US and Malaysia!


 cheerleaders80 Jets-pop-nfl-cheerleaders-5276105-666-837  Cowboys---Cheer-nfl-cheerleaders-294680_230_400 Tampa-Bay---Cheer-nfl-cheerleaders-294700_283_400

DAMN DAMN DAMN DAMN! THey are hot but i still remember in my high school i don’t even seen before cheerleader did anything but only seen in the book of photography. But but but……..(Tired)SLEEP TIME!

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