Sunday, September 12, 2010

There is a Website that Provide Russian Wife!


Have you seen this kind of website before? Hooker Wife can find all over the road but this one is hot Russian girls that you can choose from A-Z


This is one of the girl i found in that website it is CrystalMary!

Do you normally believe this kind of website? It can be REAL or FAKE:



They are really GORGEOUS! I wish i can get the second girl from below she is 31 years old!

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If will have variety type of choices of Russian Wife they can be spy like the movie call salt. But we people in Asian don’t really interested in European girls and stuff it is because they don’t suit our taste and their taste don't suit them. Most of the time the European look down on Asian people but look now who will be taking over the first place for the BIGGEST ECONOMY. If you are lucky enough you can get a hot wife from the net but sometimes there are a PLAYBOY or taking to get money out from you to pay them.

If you got the money!Than just try it nothing to loss because not only you can have an experience with someone that you don’t know and with that you will not have a commitment and the person can’t do nothing much to you. But it is a different story when you want to make them as your bride than you should make sure  she is disease free and really worth it to be together.

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After looking at the site there is many types of choices to choose from. Not sure which want to get all of them have the assets what a guy have wanted for their rest of their life. For example like ……….(You should Know by Now)! The barrier between them and us would be their language and worry that she don’t really fluent in ENGLISH how to communicate after married them and during SEX! I mean in a normal conversation if she can’t really say it is better to find someone that origin from the same country.



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Nowadays no matter where you go you will see site that force you all to pay if you want to see. This site i am viewing is no different but after paying them giving them your credit card number you will never know what they use it for and not really sure you really can see the girl in the webcam or get them. It is just hot looking pictures that want to attract you to pay money for it.

But i don’t really know why this kind of stuff is been happening again and again but people is still fall for this trap maybe too desperate or too tempting and can’t resist without doing it. Maybe it is because someone should have fall that trap and they will know when to stop so that it will not happen again. There is million of site out there is absolutely fake and so obvious but people still doing so.


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Most of them time it is too good to be true that it is you can get the richest girl in your life. It is because nowadays girl mindset have change a lot most of them are looking for rich guy and for finding someone to love what you are it is like 1 % to 100 % it is because they want to enjoy life and live like a QUEEN. Firstly would be their looks it is they look handsome or not and their priority is their pocket.

It is like this “ NO MONEY NO TALK” it is not words speak louder than action it is money speak louder than action. The cheapest and best solution would be social networking like Facebook and so on it is not only free but by looking at their profile you can know it is fake or not.

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